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Music to code to

8 March 2016

If I’m working, and not in a meeting or on a call, there’s a good chance I’m listening to music. It’s a constant throughout my day. I love all types of music, but when I’m looking to put my head down and get some serious programming done, I have specific requirements.

First off, lyrics are out. I just can’t concentrate if there are vocals. That leaves me with electronic and instrumental music. I’ve tried some of the relaxation/meditation/study type playlists on Spotify, but I’m not looking to be lulled to sleep. I need something with a bit more energy than that. On the other end of the spectrum I often find programming-centric playlists chocked-full of high BPM electronic music that makes me feel almost manic. Not my thing.

There are a ton of programming playlists on Spotify, but I find what works best for me, what really helps me get “in the zone”, is mellow, hip-hop instrumentals and ambient electronic music. It’s there without being distracting – upbeat without being obnoxious. I can focus on what I’m doing and tune out the world around me.



This has become my go-to Spotify playlist for working and studying and I continue to add new tracks all the time. Take a listen. I hope you enjoy.

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