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Shout out to codenewbie.org

8 April 2016

Without a doubt Slack has changed the way I work, network, and communicate. I first started using it at my job, and have since found it to be an amazing platform for meeting really nice and helpful people, learning new things, and getting quick feedback on development challenges.

One particular group I want to help promote is CodeNewbie. I signed up for their Slack group a few months ago and I’ve found it to be a super helpful and friendly bunch of novice and experienced programmers willing to answer all sorts of questions. The amazingness of being able to get quick feedback on question can’t be understated, especially for those that don’t warrant a StackOverflow post. Plus, there are channels for just about every programming language and topic, including WordPress, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

So go sign up and hit me up at @charliestanard.

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